Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry: Woes and Solutions

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry: Woes and Solutions

Increasing regulatory and security requirements, security concerns and mobility have brought forth a new set of challenges for the industry in last couple of years. Emerging from cost pressure turmoil, clients in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry are looking for strategies aimed at improving risk management mechanism efficiency and multiple regulatory frameworks. It is an opportunity for financial institutions to differentiate themselves with a unique blend of technology and service operations to support its businesses.

Key Challenges:

  • Increasing regulatory and security requirements
  • Providing superior levels of customer service
  • Managing price pressures with greater efficiency
  • Increasing the penetration of banking in rural areas
  • Tackling demand-supply mismatch
  • Credit disbursement to the priority sector
  • Maintaining asset quality
  • Improving risk management mechanism



  • Improve compliance and security through an integrated and flexible solution.
  • Optimize risk-reward outcomes by gaining a comprehensive, real-time view of your organization’s risk profile.
  • Consistent user experience with strong analytic capability.
  • Sound, stable infrastructure for improving risk management mechanism efficiency.
  • Strategic initiatives for creating innovative delivery models
  • Solution to help financial institutions reduce time-to-market
  • End-to-end coverage assurance of functionality in the testing application phase
  • Simplify regulatory compliance, using a single system to manage your compliance requirements and activities.
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency across the value chain.
  • Facilitate greater communication and collaboration across business units and locations.

By delivering scalable services, we manage and execute strategic initiatives, creating innovative delivery models. We support mission-critical infrastructure and banking software applications that pull insights from data to help you better engage with users and customers.