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Offshore outsourcing services
Offshore outsourcing services
Offshore outsourcing India
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Offshore Outsourcing India
About iBoss - Offshore Development Company

About iBoss Tech Solutions

iBoss Tech Solutions is a leading software development company with a delivery center in Noida (National Capital Region), India and an office in the California, United States. It has a team of fulltime, enthusiastic and seasoned software development executives with top class education and experience working in high technology software, hardware and/or service companies and those who have mastered and successfully implemented softwares on various technologies and verticals.

The core of our business has developed since the inception of the company. We are a self-driven company that works very hard to ensure that each client is treated as uniquely as they are!

In all, iBoss Tech Solutions is a company with experience, creativity and practical common sense.

Our History

Since our foundation in 2005, iBoss Tech Solutions as an India offshore software development company, have served several customers in countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia, establishing trust in a way that is so much different from others. This is one thing for which our customers remain with us and in recognition of which they come back to us again.

If you are searching for a company that can increase your ROI, improve your current software quality, enhance application and database performance, streamline compliance, provide extreme data security, and at the same time reduce costs. You are at the right place.

Differentiators that make us a dependable IT service provider.

  • We don’t charge a consultancy for guiding you through the outsourcing process. We have hired an expert to answer these questions for you.
  • We can reuse our home grown software tools for your needs, integrating business components without reinventing the wheel.
  • We never compromise on the quality and security.
  • We’re big enough to give you all the sophistication you need and small enough to make sure you’ve never been treated better.

Since we have experience working with customers like you in various geographies, we will be able to make your transition from an in housed to an outsourced team, a smooth process.

Should you have any questions regarding the outsourcing process, we would be glad to answer them for you.


We are registered with Software Technology Parks of India – a society set up by the Department of Communication & Information Technology, Government of India. We adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and ensure maximum security during data transfer, storage and access and have compliance for ISO 27001 - data security and ISO 9001 - quality assurance.

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